If You’re Trying to Save the World, You Better Stick Together

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“Today, the average human attention span is eight seconds, or a second shorter than that of a goldfish. Shocking, isn’t it? Perhaps even more shocking, in light of this 21st century fact, is that a Stanford Social Innovation Review (SSIR) article on “collective impact” from 2011 is still that publication’s most-read article, garnering over 100 comments (some in the past few weeks). The thesis—that large-scale social change requires broad, cross-sector coordination—rings true now more than ever. Those of us in the growing peace and security community know all too well that we cannot solve what’s happening as far away as Burundi and as close to home as Baltimore without all hands on deck. Not only do the funders in this space need to stick together, they need to foster as much collaboration as possible among grantees.”

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